• Hi my name is Helen

    I am a MAMA+preneur, Published Artist, Influencer, doTERRA Essential Oils Coach. I work with an amazing Team of Essential Oil Coaches, who byDESIGN, work in many different fields.


    You will find so many amazing ways to easily learn how to use essential oils with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual support.


    AND... that they are not hard to learn and use.


    I specialize in pulling together talented women and men, who are knowledgeable in specific niches, in using my own talents... together we DESIGN a way that they can benefit and use essential oils in their market.


    This is a great opportunity for you to learn how essential oils can be used so many different ways, as well as understanding they are easy to learn, use for yourself, family or niche of your own.


    Whether you connect with me... an artist, Mama+preneur, army wife, christian, creative... or someone else in my team of EO experts. You WILL find someone that YOU connect with, and can help you easily learn how to use essential oils.


    I have found in all my years of teaching that when a student learns with their own interests, talents and strengths. It is easy to remember and apply what they learn.


    To meet some of those amazing EO coaches byDESIGN Click here.


    If you feel connected to my message of helping creators find clarity + direction in who they are meant to be through the use of art 📸+ heart ❤️+ oils💧... than read further.


    On this site you will have access to the TOOLS that will help you to use your own talents to make a different and create an amazing creative energy to move forward powerfully.


    I use my Facebook Group/community "Intentional Creators by Design" to share with you insight and education from my own journey as well others in the group to help you find direction and clarity in your own purpose and passion. Helping you live a life by design, and not by default.

    Along with my 3 favs tools of art 📸+ heart ❤️+ oils💧...


    I will also be teaching the power of using your talents to make a difference with others... because good works is a powerful energy to add to your life and others.


    In my Facebook Group/community "Intentional Creators by Design" I will teach on energy + vibrational frequencies... aka quantum physics, which I will be using in my newest project of my own journey "100 days to being a money magnet".

    I will cover other related topics such as the power of prayer, mediation the "Law of Intention" in how you can be magnetic too. We will explore many other great areas and tools that you will fall in love with. From them you will learn...

    + how much control you truly have in designing your own life
    + using your own strengths, talents, passions and values to guide you on discovering who you are meant to be
    + guidance on how to master what I created and call the "Art of Intention"
    + how to be a magnet for money... create ease, flow, and fun in bringing to life your own passion projects to make a difference

    As I said you will find these tools here on my website... but my instruction and guidance will be happening on my FB group "Intentional Creators by Design" You will be asked to answer 3 questions. Only those that answer the 3 questions will be approved. This helps me to better teach and serve you.

    This is a safe place to not only learn, but share your struggles + triumphs. Be sure to read through my posts for awesome tips + resources.


    You can also access my FB business page and see FB lives and other posts where I share the good and bad of creating ME by Design. Sometimes it helps to see others in the process too don't you think?


    You can find that here at Helen Thomas Robson or @HTRbyDesign


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