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    Thomas Robson

    Mama + Artist + Essential Oils Coach + Business Coach


    I am a MAMA+preneur, Published Artist, Influencer, Essential Oils Expert. I love helping others discover how to tie their talents, passions and oils together with one focus that has a powerful result on making a different to others, one drop at a time. I work with an amazing Team of Essential Oil Coaches who I have helped DESIGN their oil business and teaching to fit their personal and professional life. I am excited to help you personalize EO through learning, using and sharing in a way that easy, empowering and natural to you.

    Jackie Strickland

    Pharmacist + Natural Eating/Living + Breast Cancer Survivor

    Welcome! I am a pharmacist, mom and certified health coach I have a completely way of approaching your hormones, weight loss, gut issues, and autoimmune disorders.

    Business owner, health and wellness coach, essential oil educator, and breast cancer survivor. For the last 26 years, I have spent years researching disorders and making people feel better by getting to the root cause of their health issues.

    I became certified in functional medicine health coach and I am also a nutrition, weight loss, and behavioral change specialist. I specialize in helping men and women who are struggling with weight, hormones, gut, and autoimmune disorders.

    If this is you, I am the coach for you.

    Sharon Farmer

    Essential Oils Coach + Writer

    Hi I'm Sharon Farmer. I'm a veteran and military spouse, 'developer,' oils educator, and coach.

    I love helping women learn to care for their families in natural, effective ways. It's a joy to work with those who want more - more time, more choices, more freedom and more fun! To those who are open to new ideas, I can share how to grow and evolve into who you were always meant to be.



    Pharmacist + Addiction/Trauma Recovery Expert + Essential Oil Educator

    Hey, y’all!!! I am a mommie, a pharmacist and a holistic wellness coach. I
    am a strong believer of sharing God’s love, and the bottomline is I truly
    love helping others. My passion for pharmacy started early in high
    school after my grandmother’s sister was diagnosed with Alzheimers.
    Watching my grandmother suffer during that time fired my passion for
    being a pharmacist. After 20 years in pharmacy, I wanted more
    options for my patients and realized we can find a balance between
    traditional and alternative medicine. During my time as pharmacist, I
    have seen my passion for helping caretakers get stronger and I love
    helping family members and patients that addiction has touched their
    lives to help find simple solutions to heal and find peace. So if God has
    crossed your path with mine and you are ready to start this amazing
    journey, I am ready to help you. Join my Facebook group,
    FaithDrivenEssentials ( https://bit.ly/fdegroup ).

    Heather Hughes

    RN + BSN + Holistic Self Care Advocate + Essential Oils Educator

    I am Heather Hughes, RN, BSN, a military wife, mommy to 2 young kiddos, I run a neighborhood workout group, and am an integrative medicine and mental health advocate. I help overworked mamas lead empowered, balanced, and thriving lives through practicing holistic self-care with essential oils!

    Join me in my FB Group Mind-Body-Spirit: Self-Care for Overworked Mamas

    Sylvia Moore

    EO Educator + Entrepreneur

    + Army Wife

    Don Moore

    Tiffany Scoggins

    Mother, Caretaker, Healer, + Entrepreneur

    I am a
    Mom of 2, caretaker for years and help run a bait/custom rod building shop with my boyfriend! I love helping to heal others and to teach them how to do the same.

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